Amotekun: Gov. Akeredolu Is Right, Presidency wrong – Kolawole Akinmosun

Gov. Akeredolu is right, Presidency is wrong, what is good for the goose is also good for the gander – Kolawole Akinmosun

The recent deadly attack in owo that took the lives of innocent worshippers at the Catholic Church justified while the Governor is championing Amotekun to carry arms . It’s equally unfair to have allowed katsina security outfits to be carrying arms while other zone security outfit cannot do the same .

Amotekun was formed to support Nigeria police and to give the region (South Western) confidence in moving freely, and going with their day to day activities without fear.

I think the federal government is “misconstruing” the concept of Ametekun .

What is the federal government fear for “God” sake? I really don’t think this should create fear in the mind of anyone as we are not creating a regional police force.

Insecurity of lives and properties in recent times in southern Nigeria is worrisome.Therefore, the federal government of Nigeria should allow Amotekun to protect the region.

(While ) I personally acknowledge the Amotekun General ,His Excellency Rotimi Akeredolu for always airing out the southern security concerns


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