I’ve Lived My Life, My Presidential Ambition Is A Struggle For You, Your Future—Atiku Tells Nigerian Youths

The presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar, has said that his 2023 presidential ambition is not about him but the struggle for Nigerian youths and their future.

Atiku, who said this during an interactive session in Lagos on Friday with some Nigerian content creators including some popular skitmakers, said that he has lived his own life, therefore, his struggle is no longer for himself but for the interests and future of Nigerian youths.

The meeting was attended by former Nigerian Senator from Kogi State, Senator Dino Melaye, some popular skitmakers including Promise Kelvin Anagbogu, popularly known as Lord Lamba, and Abisi Emmanuel Ezechukwu, known as Nasty Blaq, amongst others.

One of the youths told the former Nigerian Vice President that “Nigerian youths see your help and we have positioned ourselves to be part of the change come 2023. We are on a mission to make Nigeria a better place and united, just like you. 

“We have actually studied this government and we have seen that a lot is going on and we youths want to build with you. And we have seen that your organization conforms with the goals that we want to achieve.” 

In his reaction, Atiku told the youths that “politics is a career,” and “I started, in fact, from school. It is a career that normally starts from the bottom, and then you move up. For one thing is thatI cannot remain unthankful to Nigerians.”

Speaking further, Atiku said, “I used to say, if it was by today, I wouldn’t be able to reach there because unfortunately, our various levels of government, from local government, state government; these are virtually the two major levels of government that should make sure that every child goes to school.

“It is our administration that made a law that said that every Nigerian child must go to school, at least secondary school. And we are tasking Nigerian leaders to fund education, yet, in every level, the public education in Nigeria today has collapsed.

“In days we are, there are some things, no matter how wealthy you are in the private sector, you will not be able to influence the way of the government. 

“Well, the youths, it is your tomorrow. If you come, protect the process, good for you. Me, I have lived my life. What I’m doing now, I’m struggling for your future. What I’m doing now, I’m doing it for you. I am ready to guide you, protect you, defend your interest as long as I’m healthy and alive.”

Also on his verified Facebook page, Atiku wrote, “We are now at a time where ideation, innovation, creativity and technology continues to offer a world of opportunities for the younger generation of Nigerians. Many of whom have utilized these spaces to export some of the country’s greatest success stories and reposition our image globally through the arts, culture and brilliant entertainment.

“Now imagine if we, as one Nigeria, worked to provide the enabling environment to catapult our younger generations’ talents further. How much further would we fly?

“I will make it my absolute priority to continue listening, engaging and working with more of Nigeria’s superpower, our youth, to witness their optimum potential.

“You are the pride of our future, and as a father of our nation, I am committed to your success. I look forward to merging wisdom and youth excellence to bring tangible solutions and protection to us all. As one, we will get it done.”

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