Kidnappings In Àkókó, What Should Be Done – Hon Kolawole Akinmosun

Honorable Kolawole Akinmosun has condemned the tragic kidnapping incident that occurred in Àkókó North East part of Ondo state yesterday.

While describing the incidence as a barbaric act, it said that the attack had all the colorations of several others in which locals in particular parts of Ondo had become inhospitable and unwelcoming to other Indigenes living in or passing through their domains.

“The incessant spate of kidnappings across the South-West in general, and most particularly in Akoko area of Ondo State, has been a year-long horror, even before the launch of the Western Security Network codenamed Amotekun by the South-West governors. Right from March last year till now, it has been kidnappings all the way. As one wonders why Akoko axis of Ondo State became the game reserve of kidnappers, a few instances which were widely reported by the media will confirm how endemic and traumatic the situation has become for our people”. Kolawole said

Hon Akinmosun admonished Security agents in the state to fish out all those involved and bring them forward to face the full wrath of the law to serve as a deterrent to those who are contemplating similar action.

First, the Ondo State government and security agencies in the state should pay more security attention to the Akoko axis by drafting more security personnel to the area for constant surveillance and patrol of the border areas and forests to flush out kidnappers. Second, the Akoko communities must look inwards, identify and expose Akoko traitors who act as informants and collaborators of the alien kidnappers. Some have even recommended that our Obas should set up a virile safety committee in each community that will use legal or spiritual means to identify the treacherous criminals.

Above all, as the spike in kidnappings has also been linked to the poor state of the roads in Akoko, the government is advised to commit resources to roads rehabilitation in the area as a matter of utmost urgency. It is a fact that the kidnappers often take advantage of bad roads to perpetrate their crime.

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  1. Perfectly said.


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