Why Akoko N/East LG Should Be Considered For Senate – Group To Ondo Party Delegates

A political group, EFUNWASE has called on delegates of all political parties to consider equity and fairness by voting for a credible candidate from Akoko North East local government area of Ondo North senatorial district.

In a statement released after the group’s meeting in Ikare Akoko, the group noted that the Owo/Ose Federal constituency shouldn’t consider contesting since the constituency has an incumbent Governor.

The release fully read:

“Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, the good people of ondo north senatorial district and gentlemen of the press.

“We are EFUNWASE MOVEMENT, a conglomerate of youths in ondo north senatorial district in diverse work forces of Nigeria economy.

“We are for the actualization of an Akoko north federal constituency Senator.

“It is an open secret that Akoko North federal constituency which consist of Akoko North East and Akoko north west have not been voted in as a senator representing the district since 1999 i.e 23 years and once since since 1983 that is about 40 years ago.

“In a nascent democracy like ours in this country, it is expected that there would and should be an even distribution of resources and fair representation in elective positions that cut across all board.

“Sadly, Akoko North Federal Constitueny have been short changed. One would want to ask, have they not been participated in the election?! Of course they had! Just that most of the time, the odds, the political calculation and permutations are against them. And whenever it seems to favor Akokos, the south do have it.

“For instance when Baba Peace was seeking re-election in Akoko, it was said, governor can not come from Akoko and then senator come from same Akoko.

“Now is the time. Now is a ripe time, now the sun of Akoko North must shine.

“On this note, we are publicly reaching out to the honorable delegates in the coming primary elections have done that privately and having travesrwsed the length and breadth of the six local governments In ondo senatorial district. We so believe the delegates would discharge their duties duly. They would do the needful and put an Akoko North Man on the ballot.

“Dear delegates in the primary elections, God through the good people of your parties bestowed on you the power to choose whose names and pictures appears on the ballot.

“Akoko North Federal Constituency which consist of two local governments Akoko North East and Akoko North West have a House of Rep member who is seeking re-election on the premise of having surpassed the bar and having done well. A well deserved releection.

“As stated ab initio, in a democratic setting, fair share of resources and elective posts is welcomed.

“The performing HOR member seeking re-election to represent the constituency again is from Akoko North West, then it is fair enough, equitably and morally right to think AKOKO NORTH EAST for the senatorial position.

“Dear delegates, we are counting on you that you will come to the rescue of the good people of Akoko North East.

“Dear delegates, the good people of Akoko North East too matters.
Please remember, of the one time senatorial position came down to Akoko North Federal Constituency, Akoko north west have it. Presently Akoko North west is occupying the green chamber, doing well and seeking re-election.

“Dear delegates, on behalf of the good people of Akoko North East Local government, we are appealing to you, to please give us a chance! E dakun E fun Wa Se L’Akoko North East.

“Dearth of candidates won’t make you not vote an Akoko North East man for we have three of them in the race.

“Money wont make you not vote an Akoko North East man because we have a money-bag among them.

“Lack of political know-how can not be a reason you will not vote an Akoko North East man, because in one of them we have a political juggernaut.

“What then will be your reason not to think and vote an Akoko North East man in the primaries?!

“Of the six (6) local governments, three (3) constituencies
Ose/Owo has the governor
Akoko South is the incumbent senator
Akoko north is looking unto God through you the delegates.”

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