2023: Odudu Ayodele Declares For Assembly Seat

Hon. Odudu Ayodele, declared his intention to contest for the ticket of the party to represent the people of Akoko North West constituency 1 in Ondo House of Assembly.

He underscored the need to seek the consent of the people at the grassroots, saying they were central to realizing his ambition.

The aspirant said he knew the challenges inherent in his constituency, assuring that they would be tackled with the cooperation of the people.

Making his intention known with party members in Gedegede, Odudu said Nigeria is ripe for accelerated development and that people like him possess the capacity to contribute his part to this.

He said “The House of Assembly should be populated with intellectuals and men and women of strong character and solid training that will execute their assignments with all sense of dedication, patriotism and enthusiasm and not otherwise. If given the mandate I intend to focus on those areas that will help grow the Nigerian economy at least 5 percent per annum starting with my local constituency with small scale industries and at the federal level help advocate for reduce borrowing, budget more for basic education and more investment in commercial agriculture with a view to generating more employment opportunities for our teaming youths.

He added that it would be criminal to sit and continue to expect other persons to bring progress and development to the constituency without adding his own experience and goodwill.

He urged party faithful to shun politics of bitterness and pull-him-down syndrome, noting that such brand of politics now belonged to the past.

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