2023: APC Group Declares Support For Oluwanbe Akinkugbe

A political group within the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ondo State, APC Democratic Movement, has endorsed Oluwambe Akinkugbe as their preferred aspirant for Ondo East/West House of representatives seat ahead of the Party’s primaries.

In a communique signed by the group State Coordinator, Adewumi Ifeoluwa, and the General Secretary, Akinwunmi Victor, the group, on Thursday, said Oluwambe was considered based on his past achievement especially in the aspect of human development.

The communique reads:

”APC Democratic Movement (Ondo State) is a political movement that has been in existence within Ondo State from the inception of All Progressive Congress in 2014. The movement was to support and canvas for progressive candidates within the party.”

”This political movement worked tirelessly in 2016 to make sure that APC takes the Alagbaka seat of power during the gubernatorial election. The movement has it members across the eighteen local government of the State.”

”Having observed the political atmosphere within the ruling All progressive Congress especially Ondo East/West Federal Constituency, decided to call for a meeting of the Six local government coordinators of Ondo Central Senatorial district on the 7th of April, 2022 to make deliberation and decision on the aspirants to support in the forthcoming Ondo State general election.”

”The meeting gave birth to the following decisions;”

”Having looked into the antecedents of all House of Representatives aspirants including the incumbent occupier, the movement decided to support an aspirant with no bashed antecedent and who is interested in human development.”

”The movement decided to pull its strength for the emergence of a Candidate who has the experience in dealing with the public not as a politician but as a public servant who knows the needs of the masses.”

”Oluwambe Akinkugbe, the Ondo born public servant was ratified and endorsed by the movement because of his unabashed antecedent in the public service.”

”Oluwambe was part of the frontiers that ensured the reelection of President Muhammadu Buhari during the last general election.

”The movement, however, use this medium to inform the people of Ondo East/West Federal Constituency, Ondo State and the general public that our total support is for Oluwambe Akinkugbe”, the communique added.

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