2023: “I Am Here To Bridge The Gap Between Our People and Unlimited Resources They Are Entitled To” – Okitipupa/Irele House of Reps Aspirant, Amb. Kolawole Akinmosun

Leading aspirant in the forthcoming House of representatives elections from Okitipupa/Irele Federal Constituency, Hon. Kolawole Akinmosun has stated that the need for better representation in his Constituency are part of what geared him in joining the contest.

The business tycoon stressed that a lot more can be done in ensuring that the lives and welfare of Okitipupa/Irele indigenes are better than what it is now, he added that for so long, the people have been neglected.

When asked what he’ll do different, here’s what Hon. Kolawole Akinmosun has to say:

“Thank you for asking this all important question. I have worked in foreign lands, but I have always been at home. I never left home because home is where my heart is. Home is where I spend nearly 75% of my income on supporting family and the helpless on a monthly basis. My home is where I worry about the lack of growth opportunity for the youths and about the harsh and destructive impacts of the years of misrule. Those wondering about how much I know about the issues of our Constituency need not to worry because I experienced and feel the pains of the people daily. I am a community minded person and I understand the domino effects of both the government neglect and the lack of industries, high unemployment, week public safety, among others.

As you very well know there are no roads, poor power supply, irregular salaries, hyper inflation, and so much more. I see how the economic squeeze and weak public safety has increased social vices such as deadly bank robberies, highway roberry, and kidnapping. All these nefarious developments were once abominations, and now a very strange and fearful development in our society.

Let me just say this for the records, I am perplexed at the depth and breath of poverty, hunger, and social decays of the past decades. Home for me is where I always longed for the opportunity to help and be of service to the people.

And i know how much the bad career political actors has betrayed the trust, loyalty, and the labour of love of our people. I am here to bridge the gap between the people and the unlimited opportunities they are entitled to.

Our good people deserves better representation, that is why I decided to transport the skills that I have acquired and used to develop foreign lands to help liberate our people from the choke hold of bad political actors, and empower the people to start winning the battle against poverty.

You can be rest assured that I understand the working principles of representative democracy differently and better than the unfortunate leaders of the past.

To me, an elective office is a position of responsibility and service, not an office of power as we experienced from our past office holders. Power belongs to the people and the political office holder is the messenger of the people’s power. If you look in the narratives of my early childhood, you will notice that helping others was a huge part of my upbringing. I strongly detest all form of tribal, clan, and party favoritism in the discharge of political responsibility.

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