Count Me Out Of Palliatives Diversion —Buhari Group Secretary, Olorunfemi

The Secretary of the Buhari Support Organization (BSO), Chris Olorunfemi has declared that he should be counted out of the alleged diversion of palliatives, saying the allegation is a poor attempt to blackmail him and others.

In a press statement obtained by Basehitz in Akure, Olorunfemi urged members of the public to ignore the misleading story.

Below is the full text of the statement;


My attention has been drawn to a disjointed and poorly-scripted propaganda flying around in the media to tarnish my image and that of other persons.

According to the watery write up, I (and others) diverted a nonexisting “Federal government palliative relief funds” for our personal use. The fact that there is no Federal Government relief fund that pays citizen 100,000 naira is enough reason to believe that the planted story is an attempt to damage my hard earned reputation.

I urge members of the public to ignore the misleading story and be assured that those behind it will be brought to book.

To set the record straight, I am the the Secretary of Buhari Support Organization (BSO) in Ondo state. Engineer Mike Adeyanju, who is our leader has been supporting widows and the poor in his own capacity with a sum of 10,000 naira, which the faceless writeup misconstrued to be from the Federal Government.

This is an attempt to damage my image and that of other persons mentioned in the poorly drafted article.

Chris Olorunfemi

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