I stumbled on the first inaugural speech of the seventh president of America, Andrew Jackson, delivered on the 4th of March, 1829. Men and brethren, president Jackson acknowledged the magnitude of honour conferred on him by the suffrages of a free people as he opined that no thanks would be adequate except the humble dedication of himself to the good and service of the people.

Leadership is an inheritance bequeathed on the leaders by the willing majority who have totally surrendered themselves to be led. It’s a call to live for others while providing direction, support and mentorship. It’s arduous, demanding, exasperating but sometimes rewardingly beautiful.

The elders of yore had intuitively understood that a child who would be great in life must have demonstrated the signs of greatness while growing up. There must have been observable traits inherent in such child. The full blown traits become antecedents and it is instructive to mention that great leadership qualities are far from happenstances.
They are the aggregate consolidation of inherent traits via unparalleled upbringing.

Engineer Kayode Ojo, born on the first of August 1970 hails from Ikoro Ekiti in Ijero Local Government, Ekiti state. As a man who saw tomorrow, quality education was his first armor. He distinguished himself and became an Engineer (Metallurgical and Material) from the prestigious Federal University of Technology, Akure in 1991.

Though relatively young, Engr. Ojo started very early as he participated actively in politics in the days of SDP and NRC. Since then, he has shown great interest in government and governance at all levels.

However, one would see the demonstration of perfect altruism, sportsmanship and grace in the manner he had supported (financially and otherwise) fellow politicians who he believed would change the narratives as soon as they realised their political ambitions. This is a quality nobody can gainsay today. It’s evident that Engr. Ojo has never been bitter in the pursuit of his political aspiration.

Without any equivocation, Engineer Kayode Ojo Organization (EKOO) which was later collapsed to actualize the political dream of the incumbent governor of Ekiti state, Dr Kayode Fayemi, even after coming third in the well contested primary elections among 33 eminent citizens of Ekiti state, played pivotal roles in ensuring the victory of the party at the polls in 2018. For the records, Ijero Local Government was delivered for the first time for the APC through the concerted efforts of Engr. Kayode Ojo and a few others.

In the same manner, he has supported the aspirations of other party faithful through donation of cash as well as leading campaign groups like the Good Government Ambassador of Nigeria (GOGAN) and Buhari Support Organization (BSO). It’s noteworthy that these groups achieved great electoral successes for the party in 2015 and 2019 respectively.

Moreover, as a good Ambassador of Ekiti state, Engineer Kayode Ojo has always participated in whatever task that will move the state forward without looking back or goading on pecuniary gains. His service as a member of RRMC for COVID-19 control in Ekiti state is legendary.

If one good turn truly deserves another, it’s the turn of Engineer Kayode Ojo, a man who has never been bitter and has consistently supported others to be rewarded. He has shown patriotism, service and genuine love for the people of Ekiti state.

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