“God Will Soon Free Me From Prison” – Sunday Igboho To Supporters

The freedom fighter assured his supporters from prison in Benin republic, saying that he is not afraid of the Federal Government.

Supporters of embattled Yoruba nation agitator, Sunday Adeyemo aka Sunday Igboho have been urged not to give up.

The freedom fighter assured his supporters from prison in Benin republic, saying that he is not afraid of the Federal Government.

He added that he is not afraid to be extradited back to Nigeria.

Igboho, in a leaked conversation posted by BBC Yoruba obtained by The Nation, said that he has accepted his fate with respect to his current travails.

Checks by The Nation revealed that Igboho has spent over one month in detention since he was ‘arrested’ by the operatives of Brigade criminelle (Criminal Brigade) on July 19 in Cotonou.

The 48-year-old agitator, who was first detained at the Brigade économique et financière (BEF), is at Prison Civile de Cotonou — Cotonou Civil Prison.

In the last judgment, the Cour De’appal De Cotonou ordered that Igboho should be kept in custody.

The visibly angry Igboho in the audio conversation said:

“It is because of the situation of things, I am a man, I’m a one-million man, I swear to God. Even when there is no man anywhere, I’m still that strong man to reckon with

“I can be playing dumb with everyone but the day I’ll show my colors, they won’t be able to contain me. The day I changed it for them, I them option that they should either kill me or change the cell that I am, and they did because they I changed it for them and they knew that I meant what I said.

“My journey in life is between me and my God, I have accepted my fate where I’m currently. I’m not afraid of anything again, except my God. Even if taken before the Judge, I’ll tell him I’m not afraid of him except God. He can do anything to me.

“Even if it’s Nigeria they want to take me to, I’m not afraid. At least Nnamdi Kanu is there, we are both fighting for the same cause. If they want to take me back to Nigeria, then no problem.

“I have been winning my cases in Nigeria even (Attorney General of the Federation, Abubakar) Malami was forced to appeal some of them.

“It got to a stage he claimed he wasn’t aware of DSS (Department of State Services) attack on my house. He claimed he didn’t send them.

“It wasn’t the power of the Beninese government that made me to be here, it was because God wanted it like that. And I’m sure God will soon release me from prison even if all lawyers say they are not ready to defend me again.

“I’m not afraid of anything or anybody again. If it’s Nigeria, let them take me there. My father was very powerful when he was alive, but he died. He and my mum were very poor. But look at me today, I’m rich.”

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