COVID: Why People still die after taking Vaccine – Thomas-wilson Ikubese

Renowned Medical Doctor and Public affairs analyst, Doctor Thomas-wilson Ikubese has said that a lot of work is still ongoing on the Covid-19 vaccine, adding that it is the reason vaccine manufacturers advise people vaccinated to adhere to social distancing and other protocols.

Ikubese said this while answering questions on why people vaccinated still die of covid infection, on a live TVC news breakfast show on Tuesday.

According to him, the vaccine acts by boosting the body’s immunity against the viral infection.

His words:

“At the moment, a lot of work is still ongoing with regards to the covid-19 vaccine, and that’s why when you(people) take the vaccine, we still encourage them to use facemask, wash their hands and observe social distancing.”

“Because the vaccine, in as much as it stimulates your immune system against the virus, we still have not gotten a very clear picture about some things. for instance, someone takes the first shot and second shot of the vaccine and still dies of covid. but all thesame, it’s still better to be vaccinated than to remain unvaccinated. so I will encourage people to get the vaccine to protect themselves because the risk of getting infected and dying is higher for those not vaccinated.” He added.

On mutation and why there are a number of variants of the virus, Ikubese said it is in the nature of viruses to mutate and that furtunately, mutation is not as pronounced in the case of the causative agant of covid-19.

Ikubese further urged the people to discountenance insinuations of falsehoods about the vaccine changing the DNA, containing microchips or making them become infertile.

He identified trust issues between government and the people, as one of the reasons why people jettison instructions on taking the vaccine and other protocols.

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