BREAKING! DSS Operatives Arrest Sunday Igboho

Operatives of the Department of Security Service, (DSS) have finally arrested the self acclaimed ‘Yoruba Nation’ agitator, Mr. Sunday Adeyemo a.k.a Sunday Igboho.

Findings revealed that Sunday Igboho has been moved to the Headquarters of the DSS in Abuja along with Sir Gurumaraji, a powerful spiritualist, who harboured him in his ‘Kingdom’.

More details later.


  1. Why are the Fulani criminals been defended and activists are been chased/and arrested utmost injustice


  2. Nigeria is a failed state. We Yorubas in diaspora think it’s time
    we separated from Nigeria. Our people are being raped, killed and treated less than humans. Funding for weapons to safeguard our people won’t be difficult. Let’s secede.


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