Fathers’ Day; Reps Member, Tajudeen Adefisoye Celebrates Nigerian Men

As International Fathers’ Day is celebrated across the world today, member representing Idanre/Ifedore Federal Constituency, Hon. Tajudeen Adefisoye, Small Alhaji, has commended Nigerian men for their role in shaping society.

In a goodwill message released in Idanre, yesterday, Adefisoye described fathers as “super heroes of the family which is the bedrock of society and the basic building block of any nation.”

He added that as joint custodians of the family whose strength helps fuse the home together, they deserve to be acknowledged, celebrated and honoured for their phenomenal roles in their families and in society.

Adefisoye acknowledged the key role fathers play at home and in the larger society, adding that they work tirelessly to forge a solid future for their families through education, discipline and provision of basic needs.

“The children grow up to become leaders who will in turn carry that culture of care, concern and sacrifice on to future generations. For these and other acts of selflessness that keep the society going, fathers deserve to be celebrated every day of the year.”

Small Alhaji added that the invaluable contributions of men to the growth, development and wellbeing of society should be particularly appreciated in the true spirit of International Fathers’ Day.

The International Fathers’ Day 2021 falls on Sunday, June 20, and is commemorated globally in celebration of fathers as heads of the families and their unquantifiable contributions to the well-being of the entire human race.

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