2023; Odudu Ayodele, An Agent Of Turnaround And Harbinger of Goodwill

It’s a common thing to vote, and cross arms to watching what come off the choice we made. In course of electioneering, lots are said and promised. Expectations are raised by words we’re made to hear. However, it takes a true leader to bring the promises of electioneering into to fulfilment while in power.

Though, we seek true leadership. Many followers of the trend are quick to assert every politician as a leader, true leader. On the contrary, only a few understand what leadership entails and who we can call a true leader.

In furtherance, a true leader is that person who is able to identify a problem, and is capable of rising to this aforeseen problem pragmatically. He plans for the future, and he builds his followers to live up conveniently with this future he built.

With respect our constituency, a leader we seek to match up with the current state of the land is that who won’t run his horse race looking backward. He should be prepared to pick up the current woes of our constituency and turn things around in the ambit of time allotted. Akoko North needs a turn around!

In months to come, we’ll be allowed to make our choice via voting again. And in lieu to this, many have shown interest across all parties to pilot the vehicle of our constituency for another 4 years again. There’s no crime in this as it’s the right and responsibility of every well-meaning sons and daughters of the land.

While we’re happy and proud we’ve got plethora of sons of the land rising up to take responsibilities and showing interest in taking over the affairs of their father land.

Amongst this well meaning indigents, Odudu Ayodele Manifold has caught the sight of many minds. Ayodele’s presence in this polity proffers us a true leader fit and apt for the turn around we seek. He’s dogged, well prepared and fully ready in carrying this tenacious responsibility to serve our noble people in achieving the goals earmarked to making our constituency an enviable one.

He has displayed an untainted prowess in various leadership, business and humanitarian roles in over 35 years of his stint in the private sector.

His plans and objectives for our constituency are second to none. They are concise, practicable and achievable. More importantly, he’s coming to make a significant turnaround.

In him, we’ll be having a leader that will oversee the frugal cum beneficial use of our resources for the betterment of the state.

It is then not a gainsaying that this vibrant and diligent man has that required ability to turn the fortune of Akoko North west.

Oluwapelumi Aduragbemi,
SA Media to Hon. Odudu Ayodele

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