Nigerian Students, Workers’ Groups Call For Nationwide Protest Over Insecurity, Worsening Economy

The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) and All Workers Convergence (AWC) have called on Nigerians to start mobilising for nationwide protest from May 24 and beyond, till their demands are met.

They also noted that the protest could start immediately, while urging Nigerians not to wait for anyone to push them to demand their rights.

NANS Zone D and AWC in an open
letter jointly signed by students’ body Coordinator, Kowe Odunayo Amos; its General Secretary, Giwa Yisa Temitope and All Workers Convergence National Coordinator, Comrade Emelieze Andrew to Nigerians on Wednesday, titled ‘Letter to Nigerian prople’, lamented the insecurity in the country, saying something must be done urgently to reverse the situation.

It read, “The next question is that, are we ready to end the ugly situation? We are quite sure every person is saying that ‘we are ready!’ It is to this end that we are calling on all and sundry to start mobilising for mass protest across the federation starting from now and culminating in mass action from 24th May, 2021 and the protest should continue until the people triumph.

“However, immediate protest can also commence across the country while all efforts should be made to ensure that the protest goes national on or before May 24. Our destiny is our hands and we must not wait for anyone to mobilise us, we should mobilise ourselves.”

Lamenting the current situation in the country, which necessitated the move, the bodies said, “We the Nigerian workers, students and youths bring you greetings and our best wishes. We write you this letter with a troubled heart, because we are disturbed at the pace of things in this nation. We are afraid about the further degeneration of the situation of things in Nigeria. We are also worried by the implications of this abnormality on the future of Nigerians. We are equally suprised that despite the EndSARS movement and despite all indications that we are sitting on a keg of gunpowder, our government has refused to improve.

“The situation of things across the country have assumed an alarming proportion to the extent that our living conditions are daily drifting from bad to worst. Great Compatriots, we are tired of lamenting over the woes visited on us as a result of a failed system and bad governance in Nigeria. In our own country, our daily existence is not different from a war situation. Human lives no longer matter as our people are daily massacred and, most unfortunately, the killings are not abating.

“Our national economy is in comatose with our so-called government delibrately devaluing our naira. The lives of the Nigerian people have been made meaningless and miserable to the extent that our people now resort to suicide. Development has been stagnated and there seem to be no hope of a better tomorrow.

“The questions we want to ask ourselves is that how long are we going to cope with these abnormalities? Obviously, we know that we are all not comfortable with the pace of things in Nigeria neither are we happy with the reign of terror in the land.”

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