Why Anambra International Airport Does Not Worth The Hype & Celebration (SHAMEFUL)

Maiden flight on Friday landed at the newly constructed Anambra International Cargo Airport, Umueri, done by the Anambra State Government.

Almost all Anambra people were present at the opening ceremony. The crowd was massively celebrating, different bands, cultural group, singing, praising and hailing the governor. Lol


So shameful! I weep for Africans at large. Look at what we celebrate..an airport.


Believe it or not, this is not what to call for celebration. The governor should be ashamed of himself. He built a single airport for almost 8years and still not completed and people are happy because a plane (Air Peace) landed at the airport for the first time?

Air Peace that belongs to a private company. Chai Anambra people sorry.

I also heard the airport was built with $2.2billion. The biggest scam in Anambra state! Do y’all know how many billion naira $2.2B is? I sense “Money Laundry” here. And the funny part is that, the airport is not yet completed. Still under construction, yet over 2 billion dollars is gone. Chai naija!

We are too backward that we jubilate over minor things that worth nothing in the Western world. Tueh!


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