FACT CHECK!! Chad President Idriss Deby Is Not A Hero But A Dictator, Bad Leader Like Buhari (See This)

Marshal Idriss Déby Itno was a Chadian politician and military officer who was President of Chad from 1990 until his assassination by militant forces in 2021.

On social media, some people are raining praises on him, tagging him the best president in Africa and African Hero. But that’s not true!

I know some of you will be like “Richard Idasenibo don come again, always at the negative side” but hey I’m telling you the truth!

Yeah he was always at the war front, leading the troop. Even came to Nigeria some months ago with his troops. That’s his job! He is a soldier. If he doesn’t lead the troop, who will? Perhaps he has trust issue.


Chadians were in bondage under Idriss leadership, just as we are under Buhari rulership and dictatorship.

Chad is country that has no vice presidential since 1990. A country whose literacy rate is approximately 22.31%? A country that has one of the highest level of hunger rate in the word.

A man who has been power and a puppet to the french since 1990 (31yrs). The southern part of the country suffer worse than any.

Forget about the fight he fought. He wasn’t fighting for Chadians, but for himself. He was practically fighting the OPPOSITION FORCING.

Well death is not a good thing, but to me he is not a Hero especially to the black race. Pardon my statement please “Idriss Derby deserve to die” that’s how I feel any bad leader. Do you know how happy Nigerians would be if “BABA GO SLOW” kick the bucket right now? Lol

My prayer for Idriss is, ‘may his soul be treated the way he treated Chadians’. AMEN.

He died yesterday and they automatically made his son the president. Can you imagine that! Where is democracy? Obviously, his son will continue from where he stopped. #PrayForChad



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