Ondo state has never had it this good, from first female SSG, WAEC fees, road constructions and two months salary arrears


One of the best things that ever happened to Ondo state is the current government of the day being led by Arakunrin Akeredolu. The expectations of the political prophets of doom who forecast the second term of Aketi to be worse on the citizens of the state have missed it again because present actions of Arakunrin portray him as serious minded person rather than someone who is in government for jamboree.

Arakunrin so far has not let down or betrayed the confidence reposed in him by unprecedented vote for him for second term. If you are a political student of the state, you will realize that winning second term can be compared to biblical parable of a camel passing through the needle’s eye i.e extremely difficult. Arakunrin not only won the election but won massively, which has never happened in the history of the state.

Since the inception of second term, the opposition in the state, having being habitual failure at the polling booths, they now resulted to social media by poisoning the minds of innocent citizens of the state. They capitalized on the recent shortfall in monthly allocations from federal accounts which has made regular payment of salaries to state workforce an herculean task to the government of the day.

As a serious minded government, despite these challenges, Akeredolu – led government has been doing everything possible to circumvent the situations, though , some of the indigenes of the state may not appreciate this for now, I mean appreciating a prudent government of Aketi but sooner or later, they will know the uncommon value of this golden son of Owo.

Since the commencement of his second term, the government of the day has not left any stone unturned, what we need to do now is to turn deaf ears to the prophets of doom and pray for the economy of the state, I’m sure the state is yet to see Aketi’s best in terms of governance.

Some of Aketi’s actions that deserve commendations since the commencement of the second term are below:


The truth is that Aketi is not the first governor to declare free WAEC for students of public schools in the state but he is the first governor who didn’t do it in first term when his second term ambition was at stake but introduced the same program now that he doesn’t need any votes again as governor from his people.

Naturally, people believe governors perform in first term to win the votes for second term and relax after winning second term. Arakunrin led government decided to scrap the program of free WAEC when he came on board because of the pitiable state of our economy, not minding the implication on his second term. So far, Aketi has introduced various measures and the state’s economy survived the recessions and re-introduced the program, he paid 360 millions of naira for the SS3 students in public schools in the state.

This is quite commendable and shows where the interest of Aketi lies i.e he feels the pulses of the masses in the state. If there is anything Aketi is not doing in terms of welfarism of the citizens, he is definitely being hindered by circumstances which may currently be beyond his control.


We ( men ), because of our domineering nature having taken everything , give the women peanuts. Since Aketi’s first term, he has been ensuring that women in Ondo state are fairly treated. To crown it all, he appointed an illustrious Princess of Ikale, Chief Mrs. Oladunni Odu as the first female secretary to state government in history of the state.

Mrs. Odu, whose capacity to perform well as the scribe of the current government is not in doubt, having served in various capacities at the state and national levels in which she performed credibly well with unparalleled records.

She was a commissioner for education of Commodore Ibe Onyanrugbulem led military administrator of Ondo state, later served late Dr. Olusegun Agagu led government as SUBEB board chairman, the position she was re- appointed in first term of Arakunrin before she was elevated to present position of secretary to state government.


The meeting held by representatives of Aketi led government with leaderships of state workforce in which the remaining 70% of December salaries arrears and 100% of salaries for January will be paid any moment, this another action of Mr. governor deserves appreciation from all and sundry.

Though, the regular critics may not see anything fantastic in governor paying salaries mostly when he is paying December and January salaries in April but if they’re very sincere to themselves and realize that the government borrowed over 5 billions of naira to augment the shortfall , so that the workforce in the state can have nice time, at least Aketi deserves some accolades


Arakunrin led government loves the state, he has not let the people down in any ramifications, though, we have some hiccups here and there. I believe strongly that Ondo state will forever be grateful to God after the end of Arakunrin’s ongoing impactful 8 years of governance in the state.

We need to continue to pray for the economy of the state vis a vis Nigeria, if this God- sent administration of Arakunrin experiences buoyant economy like his immediate predecessor, the state will witness uncommon transformation than this.

*Dr. Akeredolu O.N , vice chairman, Aketi-Aiyedatiwa Medical Committee, 2020 campaign*

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