As the year goes by, the atmosphere in Ondo North gets more and more political as parties and electorates prepare for another election. Promises have begun to fly around. Actors are out again making commitments either for selfish or public interest.

Sadly, for many successive elections conducted, the situation only worsens. The people only send curses and rain abuses on their leaders soon after the elections.

Daily sickness, hunger, frustration and confusion, hopelessness, depression eat deep into the society. The people need one that rose from amongst them and share their pains to save them from this overload of misery. An example of such person is Foluso Adefemi.

Adefemi is a shrewd businessman, a philanthropist, humanitarian, energetic, youthful and passionate about human development as well as growth of the Ondo North.

Here comes a man who is mentally equipped to turn around the fortune of Ondo North youths. The era of joblessness and bleak future is gone. Adefemi’s plan is about wealth creation. He believes every one has a potential that can be maximised if given an enabling environment.

Ondo North is filled with brilliant, intelligent, talented and gifted hands. All they need is a sincere leader to bring the best out of them. Adefemi is the Man.

We have given a chance to many who have served to the best of their knowledge and ability. This time we should look away from professionals in civil service related fields and join the new world order of governance by successful businessmen.

The world is fast changing, Nigeria and Ondo North is far behind in many ways especially in the area of harnessing her human and natural resources. Only he who can identify the round peg can place it in a round hole.

Adefemi’s God-fearing and humble personality makes him the answer to our mothers’ prayers. No greater joy than seeing your children excel. The problem faced by people are more socially engineered and products of governments failure than spiritual. The days of sorrow are set to pass us by in Ondo North with Foluso Adefemi.

Adefemi knows our yearning, he sees our struggles, he feels our pain. He understands that our case demands kind attention.

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2 responses to “ONDO 2023: FOLUSO ADEFEMI, A GOODY-BAG IN HUMAN Flesh – FMA Mandate Forum”

  1. Adewumi Sunday(aka) Jugunu Avatar
    Adewumi Sunday(aka) Jugunu

    Please the good people of akoko let Joni together and work for development of akoko by using hon foluso adefemi because is the one that can du it . Foluso Adefemi for 2023 car go


  2. Adewumi Sunday jugunu arigidi Avatar
    Adewumi Sunday jugunu arigidi

    After you God na you foluso jo adefemi jare


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