Foluso Adefemi, The Transformational Leader Ondo North Needs – FMA Mandate Forum

Every human being is always at that standpoint in life where they have to think deeply over sacrosanct matters of life. We either think once and act or have to think and think again so that we can do what is best.

Good people of Ondo North, here comes that time of our life as a Senatorial district to think twice on giving power to those who want it again or give it to those who will do it right.

How long can we keep serving the selfish interest of a few who only care about their pockets than they ever think of us?

Isn’t it time we gave a chance to a man who is already successful in his own space and not after personal aggrandizement?

Isn’t it time we gave a chance to someone who will make our youths stay here and not run to neighburing regions in search of employment?

It is time we listened to the voice of reason and not that of deceit. By now they must have started preparing their tatics to deceive us.

Considering the level of success that Foluso Adefemi has achieved in his private businesses, to say he will deliver all his campaign promises is an understatement.

He has seen it all in the area of industrialization. Most of the things he has promised to do, he has done them in his personal businesses successfully.

If Ondo North must get it right this time around, they should make their votes produce someone that is equipped in all ramifications to be their next Representative.

Adefemi is prepared to make Ondo North a Cynosure of all eyes.

Let’s get it right this time, let’s support Foluso Adefemi.
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