Adefemi Re-affirms Readiness To Birth A New Dawn In Ondo North – FMA Mandate Forum

Even as Ondo State brace up for her senatorial poll, preparation has been in top gear from every corner. In view of this trend, a popular and reoccurring face in the media space, politics and news is Foluso Adefemi, the popular and widely supported aspirant ahead of 2023 elections.

His popularity and distinguished presence in the political tussle has caught the sight of many whilst he keeps gaining numerous factors and figures into his camp. As such, various news media have turned more attention to him via interviews and various reportage.

In a recent interview, Foluso Adefemi has promised to bring his experience to bear in the restoration of the lost glory of Ondo North occasioned by the ineptitude of past administrations.

He decried the high rate of poverty and hardship experienced by the people in previous years – a situation that has emboldened his interest in bringing genuine transformation to the lives of his people via responsible and responsive governance.

Adefemi furthered his canvass for support by assuring the listening party leaders and faithfuls of an uncommon kind of leadership if eventually given the mantle of leadership.

He said boldly; “governance will be for the overall development of the state because each LGA in Ondo North is blessed with a unique natural resource and abundance of human resources enough to reposition the Sen. district even globally”.

Conclusively, Adefemi admonished his teeming supporters not to relax as the no near its end. He sought their reassurance as a man to be placed at the string of their heart.

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