Fundraiser Launched By Igboho’s Supporters Raises N13 Million In Two Days

The Gofundme page set up by supporters of Yoruba freedom fighter, Sunday Adeyemo, popularly known as Sunday Igboho, for the purpose of raising £100,000 (N51.8m) for him to buy buses, has garnered over N13 million (£24, 926).

The fundraiser, initiated by Maureen Badejo, a blogger and activist based in the United Kingdom, was to support Igboho’s quest of ridding the South-West of killer herdsmen.

Igboho had earlier requested for buses to aid in transporting his men from one place to another, during a virtual town hall meeting on Wednesday.

“I need buses to transport people. The three vans we use were bought by me. We lost three buses that were hired on our way to Oyo,” he had said.

A visit to the Gofundme page showed that the page already had over 742 donations from persons of Yoruba extractions.

Oluwatobi Adedeji, who donated £100, wrote, “I stand for freedom and liberation of the oppressed. We must all come together to fight the oppressors both from within and outside in whatever way possible.”

Emmanuel Akanbi, who donated £100, wrote, “I am not happy with the way Fulani are killing, raping, kidnapping and destroying our farmland in Yoruba land and God has heard our cry and weeping of Yoruba from heaven that is where He has raised Chief Sunday Igboho to fight for justice, the poor and voiceless Yoruba nation.”

“I want the ongoing project to be successful. I want to support the service of Sunday Igboho. Let’s make Yoruba great again Stop killing! Stop kidnapping my people,” Babatunde Owofade wrote after donating £50.

Kikelomo Polk, who donated £350, commented, “The revolution for a better Nigeria has started, and we must fight to the finish. Put your money where your mouth is.”

The spotlight has continued to beam on Igboho since he issued a seven-day ultimatum to herders in the Ibarapa area of Oyo state, blaming them for kidnapping, killings, destruction of farmlands and insecurity in the state.

After confronting the herders in Ibarapa with some youths in the area at the expiration of the ultimatum, he moved to Ogun State on Monday and was received by thousands of youths.

According to him, the fight to liberate the Yoruba and bring lasting peace is not for the police but for all Yoruba people, irrespective of where they are all over the world.

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