I Appreciate How Our Online Warriors Defend Me – President Buhari Tells APC Youths

President Muhammadu Buhari has hailed the “online warriors” of the All Progressives Congress (APC) who are defending his government.

Nigeria is known to have one of the most active audiences on social media as the youth engage in a wide range of issues on a daily basis.

This usually leads to heated exchanges between government supporters and its critics.

Speaking when he hosted some youths of the ruling party at the Presidential Villa in Abuja on Thursday, the president expressed gratitude to the youths of the party for standing by his government.

According to Minister of Youths And Sports, Sunday Dare, who tweeted about the encounter of the president and the youths, Buhari also promised to keep supporting them.

He reportedly advised young persons in the party to visit their constituencies in order to drive the ongoing membership registration.

President Buhari spoke from the heart about the youth:-

“… I will offer you my full support to grow in politics, public service, entertainment, entrepreneurship and many other sectors, because I know that the future we envisage as a country cannot happen without our youth”..

“Having started my participation in the governance of this country at a young age myself, I know the energy, versatility and vibrancy that youth can bring into public service….”

“I am also aware of the daily toils and sacrifices many of our online warriors make on social media to defend and promote the party and government. I appreciate you deeply and I am committed to making sure everyone appreciates your work as well…”

“Tell your colleagues to go back to their constituencies and join in party registration, attend party meetings, pay your dues, make contributions and bring your youthful energy and zeal to bear on the development of the party right from the unit and ward level up to the National”

On the Pandemic:-

“Nigeria is lucky not to have been too badly hit by the pandemic because we took early precautions, coupled with our good fortune of having a predominantly young population, a demographic advantage I believe we need to harness more deliberately”.

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