My Detractors At Work, I’ve No Intention To Run For 2023 Presidency – Gov. Wike

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike has deflated rumours that he is vying for the presidency in 2023, saying he has no interest for that now.
Wike in an interview with Channels TV in Port Harcourt, Rivers State said his political detractors were behind the recent circulation of his posters in Abuja, which fulled rumours that he is gunning for the illustrious office.

“Since December last year to this period, we are commissioning projects. So people are now believing that with the commissioning of projects, he may have intention to run for president.

“They have money to print posters for me. I thank them for telling Nigerians that they want me to run for president. No Nigerian can say I have ever met him, discussed with him that I want to run for President.

“That does not mean I am not a qualified person, but I have never come out to say I want to run.”

The governor said though it is his constitutional right to aspire for the office of the president, but his present interest is delivery of dividends of democracy to Rivers people.

Wike also said amendment of the Electoral Act by the National Assembly would be mere charade if card reader was not to be used to determine the validity of every vote cast.

The governor observed that several attempts to achieve a credible electoral reform had been mired by overriding personal ambition of persons with vested political interest within and outside the National Assembly.

He said because most National Assembly members were often preoccupied about the next election, they tend to skew the electoral amendment Act to benefit their interest and that of their political party.

“Why didn’t the President sign the last amendment Electoral Act, why? Because APC as a party had informed the president that if you sign this electoral amendment, you are likely to lose the election.

Therefore, don’t sign it. And of course, the President did not sign the electoral amendment Act.

“I am not carried away by the antics of the National Assembly. They all know what will make the country to move forward. One, make the election to be transparent by ensuring that all votes are counted.

You can achieve that by allowing the card reader to function. So that the figures recorded on the card reader should tally with the transmitted figures.,” he added.

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