Amotekun Arrest School Kids for Calling Themselves ‘Naira Marley’

#EndSARS: Naira Marley threatens police

Amotekun, a security outfit in the South-West, has arrest some school kids who were parading and calling themselves ‘Naira Marley’.

In the video, you could see the boys placed in the security truck as they plead their innocence.

Meanwhile, a lady is heard saying the student are bad influence on others and were all taken from the bush.

Naira Marley, is a Nigerian influential singer. The youths make up the large numbers of his followers as the streets continue to dance and sing his songs.

He has so much followers that he has become a movement in Nigeria.

Naira has also been arrested by the Nigerian authorities on two occasions, for alleged cyber crime and flaunting COVID-19 lockdown rules.

Watch video below.

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