Festus Keyamo Reacts After Twitter Users Drag Him For Distributing Cutlasses to Nigerians as Means of Empowerment

Minister of State for Labour and Employment, Festus Keyamo, has reacted to the criticism that has trailed his office decision to distribute wheelbarrows and cutlasses to Nigerians as means of empowerment.

Over the weekend, Keyamo was in Delta state to kick off the launch of the Special Public Works Programme (774,000) jobs in my own Local Government Area (Uvwie LGA). At the ceremony, he distributed wheelbarrows and cutlasses to those who applied for the jobs.

Nigerians were disappointed that such items can be distributed in 2021 and blasted him for this. According to Twitter users, the government should have distributed technologically driven machines that can still do the jobs the wheelbarrows and cutlasses do.

Festus has now responded to the critics. His response reads

”The 774,000 jobs is basically for our everyday labourers to carry out community services. It would not be financially prudent if Govt were to spend billions for expensive equipments for 3-month jobs, then spend millions again training our labourers on how to use these equipments”

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