“Police Officer Revealed Feeding Allocation For A Detained Suspect Is 9 Naira”

A member of the Ondo state #EndSARS panel of enquiry, Yemi Fasipe has revealed the amount allegedly allocated for the feeding of suspects detained in police cells.

Taking to his Twitter page, Yemi Fasipe said a police officer told him that each suspect or inmate gets a daily allocation of 9 naira for feeding.

The money is to be broken down into the 3 naira per square meal everyday.

See what he wrote below;

”I was discussing with a @PoliceNG officer the other day, we were talking about police cells and the inmate, he explained to me that what is allocated to feed a suspect per day is 9naira, 3naira for breakfast, 3naira for lunch, and 3naira for dinner. I couldn’t believe my ears.’‘

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