Police Arrest ‘Side Chick’ Who Stole Lover Man’s Three-month-old Baby In Ondo

Men of the Ondo State Police Command have arrested a woman identified as Temitope Adeniyi, who allegedly stole her lover man, Wasiu Mamukuyomi’s three-month-old baby.

Basehitz had reported how Temitope abducted the baby at the shop of Wasiu’s wife, Stella, at Oke-Bola area, Ondo town.

It was learnt that the man introduced his mistress to his wife as the girlfriend of one of his friends.

Narrating how the incident happened, Stella said, “My husband brought the lady to me on the 3rd of December, 2020 to train her in tailoring.

“On Saturday, 2nd of January, 2021, the lady came to the shop as usual. After bathing the baby girl that afternoon, she took permission from me to put the baby on her back.

“I later gave her my ATM card to help me withdraw N3,000 that was transferred to my account by a customer at a nearby POS (Point of sale) stand. But she never returned, as she escaped with the newborn baby and my ATM card.

“After disappearing with my baby, I called my husband several times to inform him about the incident, but my husband refused to answer his calls.

“He was later arrested and taken to Ẹnuọwa Police Station in Ondo, where he confessed that the lady in question was his girlfriend.”

Speaking to journalists on Tuesday, Ondo state police spokesman, Tee- Leo Ikoro, said the stolen baby had been recovered alive from the suspect.

Ikoro added that the police had started an investigation to know the reason for Temitope’s action.

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