Deeper Life School: Another Parent Said Her Child Was Also Assaulted, Says Mother Of Alleged Victim

While the alleged molestation and assault on Don Davis Archibong, a Junior Secondary School 1 student of Deeper Life High School, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State has continued to attract public condemnation, Don Davis’ mother, Deborah Okezie, has said another parent disclosed to her that her child was also abused.

Okezie, recently on Facebook live, said the parent told her that one Mr Akpan, the same teacher who allegedly abused Don Davis, had also assaulted her child, leaving the pupil with a broken hand.

Okezie, however, said the female parent refused to join her to seek justice for their children because of her husband’s position in the church – Deeper Life Christian Ministry, owners of the school. The parent’s husband is said to be a pastor in the church.

The development, Okezie explained, informed why she has continued to push for justice.

She added that her actions were aimed at ensuring a thorough investigation into happenings at the school was done, to find other children who had similar problems.

She said, “One of the Deeper Life parents called me and also sent a text to me, saying her child in the same school came back home with a broken hand. She said that Mr. Akpan hit the child and he came back with a broken hand. I said, ‘why not join me? Let’s correct this’, but she said no, she could not because her husband is a Deeper Life pastor, and he has said no to it.”

Commenting on her son’s current state of health, Okezie said she had moved the boy to another hospital and that he was responding well to treatment, though still suffering from the trauma of being “kicked in the head at school”.

“Don Davis is doing well, just that he snaps out of his sleep, saying he wants to wee and he actually does. I don’t think I like this style. It might be fear,” she said.

She noted that though the school had a reputation for being outstanding academically, its handling of the welfare of its pupils was not good enough. She also alleged that pupils of the school were not being fed well.

“Deeper Life High School is very sound academically, I have checked my son’s laptop, I have seen the materials sent from Ayobo but when it comes to taking care of the children, they are 0/100. The state superintendent once told me he approves N 2, 200, 000 for feeding every week. My son said all they usually eat is Egusi soup. They put cereal in a big bowl with no milk and they scoop it in cups for them to eat with buns.

“I’ve once asked the principal what the food is like and she gave me a handwritten timetable; my son said that’s not what they feed them.”

Meanwhile, the Deeper Life Bible Church Headquarters had taken to its Twitter page to announce that the education secretary of the school would share some updates about the case of Don Davis later on Tuesday.

It wrote via its handle – @dclmhq: “Update: The Education Secretary of the Deeper Life High School will share some updates on the Don Davis case later today.”

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