Man Goes Emotional After Meeting A 6-Year-Old Auto Mechanic (Pictures)

Shared with Caption:-

Destiny wrote ….i visited Evbareke Auto Spare Parts Market today, to fix my car and made a new friend.
Meet Benjamin a 6 years old Auto Mechanic, he’s also going to school and a Primary 2 pupil.
Starting a vocation early is key to becoming very good at the job.
Considering the fact that Nigeria does not guarantee you job opportunity even after your University Degree, it’s important to highlight this idea of vocational training for our children even while they are attending conventional schools.
Imagine how good Benjamin would be by the time he continues on this path till he becomes an adolescent, he would have become so competent that he could tear down a faulty engine and couple it back after fixing it just like the manufacturer made it.
I encourage parents and wards to introduce their children into vocations that would be of benefit to them in the future just in case they don’t find an employment after school, they would be self employed.

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