Higher Institutions With The Highest Rate Of Prostitution In Nigeria

Approximately 30% Nigerian students both male and female are involved in the sex business. Most of the wealthy female students engage in trasnactional sex. Prostitutes!

In this article, I’m gonna point out just few among many, the highest rate of Ashawo and Olosho Universities and Polytechnics in Nigeria.

1. Federal Polytechnic Nekede

Polytechnic with the highest rate of Prostitution in Nigeria is FEDERAL POLYTECHNIC NEKEDE. I literally see everyone attending that School as prostitutes. Almost all the Olosho and Ashawo I know, are from there.

They sleep around with Yahoo boys in exchange for cash and iPhones.

2. University of Portharcourt (Uniport)

Without been told you are supposed to know that Uniport is as corrupt as Nigeria government. Your girlfriend is studying in Uniport, you are at home and not a Cultist? Forget about her, get yourself a new girlfriend.

3. All Uni And Poly In Abuja

All Universities and polytechnics in Abuja are home of prostitutes in disguise.

The sleep with Alhajis and politicians. 70% of Abuja students are into trasnactional sex.

4. Oko Polytechnic

As the name implies (Oko) 60% of the female students in that School are Okokobioko. They can fvck for ordinary Indomie and egg.

5. Madonna University

You may be wondering why I added Madonna right? Lol students of that School are not really what you think they are. They’re more spoilt than Uniport. They fvck mostly for pleasure without payment, while others charge little tokens.


These are but a few. I don’t want to add all on this list today. So I drop pen here for now.

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