Channels TV Reporter Allegedly Brutalises His Medical Doctor Wife Four Weeks After Childbirth

A Channels TV Reporter in Benue State, Pius Angbo, has been accused of beating his wife, Ifeanyinwa Angbo, following a disagreement between the couple.

In a video obtained by Basehitz on Sunday night, Ifeanyinwa was seen with bruises and injuries on her cheeks as a result of the battering by his husband.

She revealed that she had never known peace in six years of her marriage, adding that she gave birth to a baby through cesarean section four weeks ago.

She said her husband assaulted her after she advised him to desist from spending recklessly on other women and save the money to take care of his children.

“He tried to strangle me when I was three months pregnant,” she said. “Calling him out, he works with Channels TV and his name is Pius Iroja Angbo from Benue state.”

Basehitz gathered that Ifeanyinwa is a medical doctor in Owerri Imo State.

While reacting to the incident, Channels TV said on Twitter that it had commenced an investigation into the matter and assured that appropriate action would be taken.

“Channel TV does not condone violence against women or anyone in general. The domestic violence matter reported against one of our reporters is being investigated and appropriate action would be taken,” the station tweeted.

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