Young Nigerian Guy Who Won N15 Million Bet Allegedly Stabbed To Death By Armed Robbers

In a sad report, a Nigerian guy has been stabbed to death.

Per what we gathered, the guy is 27 years and he was identified as Prince Mieyebi. The incident happened in Warri, Delta State.

He was killed after it went viral that he has won a bet of N15 million and these unscrupulous men who committed this atrocity fled immediately taking the deceased phone along.

The news of his death was announced by his uncle whose name was given as Mr. Thomas Ogisi. In his submission, he said;

“The boy stays with my elder sister. On that fateful day, they were in Ogbe-Ijoh market and were preparing to close when suddenly three boys blocked him in the shop and they stabbed him. The incident happened around 6pm on Friday. After stabbing him, they collected only his phone and left. Before he was rushed to the hospital, he was already dead,” Mr Ogisi told Daily Independent

The information we are hearing from his friends indicate that he was killed because he won N15 million from a betting game. He was expecting the money to be paid to him on Wednesday before he was stabbed to death on Monday. Some of his friends were aware of the money.

We are demanding for justice for the gruesome killing of our son. We want thorough investigation by the police. We are not also happy with the level of security at the market.”

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