“He Is A Parasite”—Aisha Yesufu Blasts Buhari Over Killing Of 43 Farmers In Borno

Nigerian activist, Aisha Yesufu, has berated President Muhammadu Buhari over the appalling security situation of the country.

She described him as having zero use.

Yesufu was on Sunday reacting to the killing of no less than 43 farmers by Boko Haram terrorists in a farming community in Borno State.

Aisha Yesufu

In a series of tweets, she said Buhari’s only achievement was to keep Nigerians down.

She called on all Nigerians to unite and fight so that they do not become the next victims of the President’s incompetence.

She said, “Human beings like us are being killed. They will kill us too when they are done with them. South or North, no one is spared. Can we stop categorising deaths into South and North? Nigerians are being killed and it is not okay


“A mannequin is better than Buhari @MBuhari. The mannequin has it’s uses. Buhari has zero use. He is a parasite who has taken all his life and has never given.

“When he is given anything, he ensures the next person never benefits. His only sense of achievement is having people down!

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