Kano State Government Destroys 1,975,000 Bottles Of Beer Worth N200m (See Why)

The destruction exercise was carried out at Kalebawa in Dawakin Tofa Local Government Area of the state by Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje.

He said,

“Consumption of alcohol and all other intoxicants could distort the mental capability of a person and that it is forbidden in Islam”.

See photos below.

WTF is this! I mean this is absolutely bullshit, unconscionable and unacceptable. Look at what religion is doing to Africans.

I can’t just imagine how the Northern leaders reason at times. Poor sense of reasoning and judgement. Why didn’t they sell off the beers to the people in the Southern Nigeria that drinks beer and use the money realised from the sales for the poor masses in the Northern states or the very state that made the seizure of the confiscated beer bottles? Huh


Beer is very bad to your religion in the North but public stealing of federal and state resources by your political leaders is not bad in your religion? Hypocrites!

They collect Tax and Vat from Alcoholic companies? Lol an extremely hypocrisy of the highest order. I think it’s time we disintegrate this country for good.

In my opinion, this is a misplaced please, unimaginable and unacceptable. If I own any of those beer companies, I will drag Kano state government to court and they will pay for damages.

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