Did China Just Prove That Pastor Chris Is The Dumbest Pastor In Africa? (See What They Did)

You remember when Pastor Chris was spreading the conspiracy theory of how 5G network caused Coronavirus and how 5G technology is anti-christ?

Well, it’s not even up to 6months, China already sent 6G satellite into orbit for testing and this made the Elite-Looking pastor look like a dummie.

Watch The Moment China Sent 6G Satellite Into Orbit:-

If 5G caused coronavirus, somebody should help us ask Pastor Chris what 6G will cause


Does it mean we should be expecting another pandemic soon?


When I say, religion is part of the problem we have in this Africa, you people will say I am talking too much.

Sincerely, a whole Pastor Chris preaching against a 5G technology, saying the powerful nations deliberately released COVID-19 so that 5G technology will aid the vaccine and the 5G aided vaccine will be used to control the world.

Now that the world is moving on from COVID-19 and 6G technology is now in the orbit, only God knows what Pastor Chris will say about this in Church today.

See What Nigerians Are Saying On Twitter:-

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