US election: Donald Trump reportedly considering running for president in 2024

Sources close to Donald Trump have reportedly said the US president is considering contesting for the presidency in 2024 if he is defeated by Joe Biden.
CNN reported that insiders in the White House said the idea of a Trump comeback was discussed by some aides in the Trump campaign.
Jim Acosta, a CNN White House correspondent in a broadcast on Thursday, November 5, said some aides and advisers think Trump will lose the election.
The correspondent said: “There are some aides and advisers that are beginning to talk of the potential not only that the president is going to lose this election but that he may mount some resurrection run in 2024.”
He stated that some advisers have discussed with the president about a possible 2024 run, but noted that there is no final decision on the issue yet.

Meanwhile, a suit filed by the Trump campaign asking a Georgia court to ensure that state laws were followed on absentee ballots has been dismissed. The suit was dismissed by the Chatham County Superior Court judge, James Basson on Thursday, November 5, after a roughly one-hour hearing, reported.

The judge, however, did not provide an explanation for his decision.

In another report, United States President Donald Trump’s spiritual adviser Paula White has led an impassioned prayer service in an effort to secure the 74-year-old’s reelection.
White’s video trying to play the hand of God went viral on Thursday, November 5, even as Trump’s team vowed to sue all states for “still counting votes” two days after the casting of ballots ended. She was heard praying for God to make way for Trump who is seeking his second and final term in office.

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