Top 5 Profession You Must Obtain To Go Far In Nigerian Politics

Nigerian politics and Nigerian politicians are famous, at least with the people in the country, for doing a lot more than actual governance. Sometimes, in fact, the things required in actual governance take a back seat for these extracurricular activities which have now more or less become part of the whole ‘Nigerian Politics’ package.

So, if you must succeed as a budding Nigerian politician, you need to come correct with one or more of these important skills:


Honestly, who cares about your manifesto when you’ve got the moves like Jagger? Just bust a move and we move!


Good voice >>> Good governance. It’s pretty much as easy as that.


Nigerian politicians do a lot of acting year in year out, giving us numerous pop culture moments that someone needs to help us ask AMVCA why they keep overlooking them during award season.

Playing detective

Lekki Enola Holmes.

Street trading

Do this during election season so that the people need to know you are part of them.

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