This Nigerian lady graduates with 5.0 CGPA after sleeping in uncompleted building for months (photos)

A lady, Mary Otunba, has risen above all her past challenges in life to achieve greatness. She said that though she did want to attend a polytechnic, she was grateful her dad encouraged her to do so.
With her father’s death and nobody to sponsor her, many advised her to take one at a time. To achieve what she wanted, Mary delayed some basic comfort. After Mar’s dad died, she bore her the financial responsibility of her studies all by herself.

Mary said that she had to use a torchlight phone for two years so can get her bills paid. That was not all, the hardworking lady also slept in an uncompleted building for months so that she would not be far from her workplace. In a LinkedIn post, the lady appreciated friends who provided her with food and clothes during that trying time. In 2019, she became a chartered accountant.
My experience over the years had thought me that life is in phases. All I need is to enjoy every bit of it cos they are not meant to last forever.”

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