Main Reasons Why Gov Wike Proscribed, Banned IPOB Activities In Rivers State Indefinitely – This Is What Happened (READ)

It all started the day MNK said that American Ambassador to Nigeria should be given credit for Edo State PDP governorship election victory and not Gov. Wike, then I knew something terrible is going to happen sooner.

Nnamdi Kanu shouldn’t have said that. Nigerians were praising Wike for his efforts for Edo State PDP governorship election victory, and someone in UK is discrediting it. He(Wine) will surely pick offense. That’s by the way.

Wike never ordered for the killing of Igbos in Rivers State. He only declared curfew to restore calm.

Below Are The Main Reasons Why Gov Wike Proscribed, Banned IPOB Activities In Rivers State Indefinitely.


”IPOB has used Oyigbo as a munching ground. The security agencies are aware of this”.


”IPOB didn’t just start munching Oyigbo, they started changing the names of Communities, and people expect me as a sitting Governor to be silent about it”


”Even the South-East Governors don’t support IPOB, so why would a Niger Deltan like me support IPOB? People now see IPOB as the spokesman for the Igbos, that’s not true. What is IPOB and who is their Leader, who is that person?

4️⃣ “The issue of people saying I sent the Military to Oyigbo is unfounded. I don’t even have any connection or contact to the Military. The former GOC stayed in this state without even seeing me as a Governor. So which Army could I have sent to Oyigbo?”


”People say I should ignore all this because tomorrow I may need their vote. Which vote and for what? So I should fold my hands and watch because tomorrow I may need their vote? What for?”

6️⃣ “I know who is doing all this and plotting people to Protest and cause mayhem here. *It is the minister of Transportation*. He is scared of my rising political profile”

7️⃣ “Remember I travelled abroad and came back, and there was propaganda that I destroyed a mosque. They started saying I hate hausas, now it is the Igbos. I’m a politician and I am used to all that. But I will not fold my hands and allow criminals Destroy my state.”

8️⃣ “I cannot change my identity because of ambition. Because people are saying zone the Presidency to the South-East, I will now change my identity that I am from the South-East, I am a biafran? That’s unthinkable!”

9️⃣ “I will not as a Governor accept the killing of innocent people in this state, it is unacceptable!”

🔟 “Cheques have been written in the names of the wives of the deceased. We are only having the police and army present, we are not giving the money to the police and military chiefs. We are presenting it directly to the families but having their chiefs present.”


1️⃣ “Even the Governors of the South-East have denounced this people called IPOB. I have asked the SSG today to go give them #200 Million Naira, both for the families of the police and Army whom IPOB killed in Oyigbo”


”This terrorist organization has made us spend money that we would have used for doing other projects. We have announced to rebuild the police stations, replace the burnt vehicles etc. This is causing huge cost on Rivers state Gvt but people are not seeing that.
Why would I kill Igbos in Oyigbo and not kill the ones in Other Local Governments?”


3️⃣ “IPOB members must leave Oyigbo and not Igbos.
Some of them have been sending me text messages from the US that they will do this and that. I repeat, I am not Sen. Ekwerenmadu and Amaechi. I am not that kind of Governor you can intimidate. Let them dare!”


4️⃣ “The man we placed #50 million bounty on has surrendered himself to the security agencies”. According to the Gov.

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