“If You Don’t Like Me Your Bad Vibes” – Davido Replies Wizkid After Ignoring His Congratulation Message.

4 Days after his congratulatory tweet at Wizkid for his recent album release wasn’t acknowledged, Fem crooner, Davido has sent a message across to his critics, especially ’Wizkid FC,’ who is always on his case for obvious reasons.

Recall that Davido got himself trending on Twitter days back, after his congratulatory message to his contemporary rival, Wizkid, for the release of his 5th studio project, which was left unacknowledged to date!

This sparked a bit of outrage on Twitter as many wondered the reason for consistent snubbing by Wizkid.

Wizkid had reacted and acknowledged other celebrities who gave him a shout out following his album’s release but ignored Davido’s congratulatory message.

The 28-year-old took to his official Twitter account after being bashed by Wizkid fans tweets,” If you don’t like me, your bad vibes ….”

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