TRENDING!!! One Of Obaseki’s Prisoner’s Video’d Returning To Prison After Going On Mid-Term Break [Video]

After enjoying a few days break from the mundane prison life, a prisoner that was set free by hoodlums from their correctional facility during the riot in the state heeded Obaseki’s “come back home warning,” and he wasn’t under duress.

Due to the sad events that have been unfolding in the country and prisons broken into by hoodlums hereby freeing prisoners in Edo state, the governor of the state Obaseki has issued warnings to every freed prisoner of the correctional facilities to return in three days or else they’ll face his wrath.

Everyone laughed at this, saying that no sane person would return to back despite the Governor’s warning. Still, a prisoner was recorded with his bag returning into the prison premises to continue his term.

Hopefully, he enjoyed his short vacay and would and is feeling refreshed.

Download Video Here!

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