Lekki Massacre: Forensic Analysis Proves Videos Of Killings Are Genuine

Forensic analysis of videos showing the killing of protesters at the Lekki Toll Gate area of Lagos by soldiers on Tuesday as authentic in spite the Nigerian Army’s classification of the reports as fake and the Defence Headquarters’ claim that the footages were doctored.

According to HumAngle, a report published by the Digital Forensic Research Lab on Thursday noted that open-source evidence contradicted these denials.

“Several videos corroborate the location and presence of Nigerian soldiers at the Lekki Toll Plaza, a major toll highway toll concession in the South of Lagos,” said Jean Le Roux, the lab’s Research Associate for Southern Africa.

“Video footage posted on Twitter place Nigerian soldiers at the plaza where they are seen approaching peaceful demonstrators and opening fire. Subsequent footage shows injured civilians being carried away from the same location.”

Using four videos, the DFRLab geolocated the shooting at the toll-gate “despite denials by the Nigerian military”.

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  1. Those soldiers are so stupid for saying d shooting & killing of d innocent citizens protesting for theirs right is fake. I thanked God that forensic technology has now confirmed it truth, with this all d soldiers that involved in this barbaric massacre must face death music from dhl hand of laws of land.


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