“The Monster You Made” By Seyifunmi Francis Adeosun

Make hay they say,
But we were woken by the ray,
Penetrating though the openings on our walls.
With this, we are assured we have missed it for the day.

Out we went on a sunny weather,
Trying to fix the problem we never created.
Yet, those concerned won’t have even bother,
They left us alone to wander!

We tilled till we couldn’t till,
We toiled till we could never toil.
Our voices were cracked,
Our future has been hacked!

We moaned and groaned,
We mourned and warned,
We moved back and forth,
We’ve been pushed out of our comfort.

They rose on our shoulders,
But when they got powers,
About us they won’t even bother
Rather, they intimate us with ‘bladers’

We found a ground to hold our rally,
We have decided to take our tally
And move to the streets to show we are not happy.

Now you can see for yourself,
Things have gone over the step,
The monster you made,
You can no longer tame!



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