60th Independence Day Celebration: SDP SALUTES NIGERIA, SUES FOR PEACE & HARMONY

The new Acting National Chairman of the Social Democratic Party, Dr Olu Agunloye has acknowledged the greatness and potentials of Nigeria on her 60th Independence Day Anniversary. He felicitated with Nigerians and called all well-meaning citizens to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Independence of the country with sober reflections on the need for security, peace, and harmony. Speaking on behalf of the National Executive Committee, Dr. Agunloye wished the people and various Governments of Nigeria well and reminds them that _“we all need to do more to make Nigeria great and better place for the citizens especially the youths.”_ He congratulated all citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria at home and abroad on the 60th Independence Day anniversary.

The Chairman said, _“On this 60th Anniversary Day, as we raise aloft the Flag of Nigeria, the symbol of Independence, what comes to mind are issues of social justice, economy, corruption, unemployment, poverty, conflicts and unrest. These call for sober reflections and the need for peace and harmony”._

The new Chairman also used the opportunity to reach out to all members of his party to congratulate them on the attainment of 60 years of our independence. He charged them that _“it is time to carry out repairs and reconciliations within the Party and move the party forward”._ He emphasized the great potentials of the Party and assured them that the future is bright.

Dr. Agunloye also urged the Federal Government of Nigeria and the political class to show full commitment to democracy and the democratic process and stop all manners of corruptions and actions which fool the masses or put the younger generation and the future of the country at greater risks. He said: _“Nigerian leaders need more sincerity of purpose as well as greater determination to commit to good governance and sustainable development after sixty years of Independence and six years after the expiration of its 100-year Amalgamation Order._

Long live Nigeria.

Femi Falope
Director of Media,
Office of the National Chairman
Social Democratic Party, SDP

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