Recent political events have put our dearest community, Oba-Akoko in avoidable political crises. These crises have caused us many fortunes. Aside losing human lives and properties, the pains have remained with us permanently.

Today, we are once again saddened with the news of two different political parties whose supporters chose to test their violent strengths on our soil. It is instructive to note that NO INDIGENE of Ọba Akoko was involved in this unfortunate brawl by the supporters of the two political parties.

While we are constrained not to engage in blame game, we are however stretched to ask why politicians and their supporters from other parts of Ondo State would come to our land to test their strengths in manners that undermines peace and tranquility. The hearts of our usually good people are yet to heal fully from the pains of the past and we must be conscious of this.

Across the length and breath of Ondo State, there’s no doubting the fact that the people of Ọba Akoko are peaceful and do not deserve any treatment that raises fears in our land. We therefore appeal passionately with leaders and members of any political party that may want to visit, campaign or commute through our community to conduct their electioneering businesses free of rancor and violence.

May the protection of the Almighty God continue to be over us.

Alhaji Wahab Busari
Chairman, Oba Akoko Development Council.

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