Hushpuppi: More jail term for Hushpuppi as new evidence is discovered

Hushpuppi new evidence

Hushpuppi’s arrest is no more news, virtually everyone active on social media must have heard about his arrest and his extravagance lifestyle.
well, many are looking forward to his court hearing. it has been stated, If he is found guilty, he would spend nothing less than 20 years jail term.
In other to seal up his case, the Federal bureau of intelligence is working tirelessly to put him behind bars.

Recently, a piece of fresh killer evidence to nail him completely was discovered and it has been submitted. Ramoni Abass better called Hushpuppi was alleged for some internet scandalous act. He was alleged
to have defrauded over 1.9million people worth 168 billion nairas.

The new evidence showcased that he used his personal email to register on a website “Whizzlog”. This website is a platform to buy US banks’ logs and to launder money.

His lawyers have tried all possible means to grant him bail all effort has been a waste, as the judiciary has denied him bail. Furthermore, Hushpuppi has pleaded not guilty to all allegations. His Lawyer
has cautioned people to stop tagging a fraudster, he opined, his client Hushpuppi is a social media influencer and a real estate investor.


Hushpuppi Jail term
HushPuppi evidence

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