WAR!!! Daddy Freeze Allegedly Calls Bishop Oyedepo A “Bastard” And A “Bald Headed Fowl” (Watch Video)

A video of Daddy Freeze calling Bishop David Oyedepo a “legal bastard” and a “bald headed” fowl has surfaced online barely two days after Daddy Freeze denied insulting him.

Recall, Salvation ministries pastor, David Ibiyeomie had called out Daddy Freeze for insulting his father, Oyedepo. In a viral video, Ibiyeomie called Freeze a bastard and threatened to arrest him.

Daddy Freeze in his response, denied insulting the pastor, saying he only criticized his message.

However, contrary to his statement, a video of Daddy Freeze calling David a bald headed fowl and a bastard has surfaced online.

Watch the video below:-

One comment

  1. You can see now that daddy freeze is indeed a bastard! And some blind people will be quoting nonsense and supporting the fool. Reno Omikri should cover his eyes in shame cause he pretended not to see this. However, the their daddy freeze could not even withstand little criticism, he will quickly block the person. Anyone who disrespect the elders in yoruba land is a bastard


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