Massive Fire Erupts in Beirut Port Area, Month After Huge Explosion (Photos/Videos)

A massive fire has broken out at Beirut port just one month after a huge explosion rocked Lebanon.

There are no reports about what caused the fire yet, but the blaze erupted at a warehouse, which contained oil and tyres on Thursday afternoon, September 10. It is close to the epicentre of the blast that killed roughly 200 people and injured more than 6,000 others.

Firefighters and emergency crew are reportedly at the scene battling the fire.

Liz Sly, the Washington Post’s correspondent in Beirut, tweeted footage of Thursday afternoon’s blaze, writing: “Another big fire at Beirut port. Everyone’s freaking out.”

Layal Abou Rahal, a journalist for AFP in the capital, added: “Fire in Beirut port reviving the blast panic.”

Al Jazeera’s Beirut correspondent, Timour Azhari, posted footage of the fire and wrote: “Absolutely massive fire raging at Beirut’s port right now.

The August 4 explosion occurred when an estimated 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate caught fire at a warehouse. The explosion destroyed so many buildings and vehicles.

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