Have we reached the ultimate stage of absurdity where some people are held responsible for things that happened before they were born, (coming generation)while others are not held responsible for what they themselves are doing today?All thanks to NANS!

One thing I believe is enough of romanticism. We do not need revolution but evolution and normalcy.

Permit me to quit rhetorics and explore the subject matter. It’s obvious that since the advent of the day government in our precious state, things had gone really bad.
EDUCATION =0% improvement
SECURITY=0% Zero Joy

How do we manage to elect people with no basic understanding of how things work to represent our interests as a student body? It seem buffoonery and bombast are the main qualifications for those called comrade’s and the position!
We let then tell us empty promises without giving them consequences when they break those promises.

Human greed and the need to please stockholders on a continuous basis won’t let those we think they are HONCHOS represent their MINIONS well. which then leads to massive systemic issues.

Let’s not forget that 99.9% of students representatives are there because they DON’T understand anything.

Dumbest idea in the world is thinking our dear state Government will reduce the hike in tertiary tuition when an election is at the door.

I’m glad to tell you all
I don’t vote for what I can get out of the State, I vote for what I can
I’m glad to tell you all
I don’t vote for what I can get out of the State, I vote for what I can get the State out of✍🏻.

If something cannot be done well by the government, it should not be done at all by government.

Usually, it’s the politicians saying it. Its like your kid saying the cookies would be safer if you put them where they could reach them🤦🏼‍♂️.

I long for the day when I hear someone say “We did it! The schools have enough facilities”.

Reduction of AAUA TUITION FEE by 20k …Those aren’t solutions they are campaign slogans, they have no desire to solve anything. None of them for either side, we need an entirely new government. Well at least an enhanced system.

During election times politicians come out with their magic wands to solve the world ,we understand.

The “solutions” politicians come up with are mostly geared to sound definitive, so that they stay in office.
Ironically, the “solutions” are not geared to resolve any issues because down the road they may not get re-elected if the issue is resolved.

It’s times for NANS & so called student’s representative and the government of the day to get things right!

Buy a snake to get rid of a rat, buy a cat to get rid of a snake, buy a dog to get rid of the cat, buy a wolf to get rid of the dog, buy a lion to get rid of the wolf…..problems only get bigger when you try to fix previous mistakes with the same policy.


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